Strategic brand consulting

TAIKN's core competence is conceptually-based strategic brand consulting. We are convinced that strong brands are the result of coherent strategic conception, implementation and brand perception. The 3C’s Model (Ohmae 1982) indicates the ciritical success factors in the phase of conception and shows the strategic relevance of a brand process.

  • Concerning the target group the stakeholders have to be accounted for adequately. the brand attributes have to be relevant for the respective motives and communicative effects are critical for success.
  • With regard to the competition the brand aims at a maximal differentiation, both regarding communications and customer benefit.
  • Last but not least, brands can only be successful if they reflect the true strengths of a company and fit the corporate culture.

Thus, for the implementation of the brand communication processes and processes concerning the production of goods and services have to be adapted to the brand positioning. These are prerequisites for a consistent, concise perception of the brand and the experience of the brand’s propositions.

Successful brand leadership requires a strong integration of brand strategy and corporate strategy. We are convinced that the maxim “branding follows strategy” in terms of “a brand has to translate strategy into communications” falls far short. In fact brand and corporate strategy should be all of a piece. Understood as a key management process “branding is part of the strategy”.


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