TAIKN is a strategic brand consultancy which provides customized solutions based on in-depth experience and a detailed knowledge of the theory of branding.

TAIKN Strategische Markenberatung advises large and midsize enterprises on all matters relating to strategic brand development, corporate branding and brand management. This includes individual product brands, umbrella brands, master brands, corporate brands and brand portfolios.

Strategic brand consulting

Brand management concerning product brands or corporate brands is highly relevant for every enterprise. Comparable to the commitment for a business model brand strategic decisions set future directions of a company. Only credible long-term building of competencies which are relevant to the respective target group in combination with effective brand communications lead to the intended brand success.

Thus a brand is not merely the translation of strategy into communications but an integral part of the strategy itself. This is why we at TAIKN understand brand consulting as strategy consulting.

As a partner for strategic brand consulting, we provide our clients with solutions which are both result- and success-oriented. Our approach is based on approved principles of branding theory and empirical analysis.
TAIKN's consulting concept is strategically founded and ready for operational implementation. We show the potential – and also the limitations – of brand management in all brand-related corporate processes. We use suitable tools and methodologies to bring brand management into line with strategic corporate goals. 

Claim of successful brand consulting

TAIKN creates value added for companies. Our consulting aim is to ensure that the psychological and economic concept of "brand" is managed in accordance with business principles and developed further with the markets of the future in mind. Accordingly, the objective underlying each individual consulting project is invariably the creation of brand equity – in other words, increasing brand value.
Our consultative services are based on the models of positional networks. These networks indicate how memory content is stored and processed in the human brain.  
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Current Topics



TAIKN article at Toninsel. Sound-Agentur in Magdeburg (in German lanuage)


"Markenwissen 1: Kraftstoff für Ihr Unternehmen" (07.2014)

"Markenwissen 2: Markenaufbau mit kleinem Budget" (07.2014)

"Markenwissen 3: Wer zuviel will, bekommt ... zu wenig!" (08.2014)

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"Markenwissen 5: Erfolgreich Hand in Hand" (10.2014)


TAIKN article in "Marke 41" (available in German only):

"Marken-Identitäten erfolgreich steuern. Warum Carglass besser funktioniert als andere Marken" (Marke 41, 4:2013, S. 64 ff.)

The TAIKN-Brand-Identity-Modell exemplified by the brand Carglass

TAIKN Radio-Interview at SWR-Info (in German language)

"Der FC Bayern als Marke" (SWR-Info, 23.3.2013)

TAIKN expert quoted in the media
(available in German only):
Amazon leased laborer scandal "Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert" (Internet World Business, 05/2013)

Radio-Ads "Am Steuer der Zielgruppe" (M:Profile, 4/2012)

Carglass "Die Angst vor dem teuren Krracks" (Die Welt, 11.7.2012)


Latest White Papers (available in German only):

"Positionierungsansätze für B2B-Marken" (pdf, 2012)

"Best Practice: Markenumsetzung bei CARGLASS" (pdf, 2012)

"Umsetzung der Markenpositionierung durch optimale Codierung" (pdf, 2012)

"Markenidentit?ts- und -führungsmodell von TAIKN" (pdf, 2011)

"Handelsmarken: Ziele und Unterstützung der Zielerreichung durch Markenarchitekturstrategien" (pdf, 2011)

"Markenwachstum durch Markendehnung" (pdf, 2011)

"Markenwachstum durch Integration neuer Marken in die Markenarchitektur" (pdf, 2011)

"Markenwachstum durch die optimale Positionierung" (pdf, 2011)

"Markenwachstum durch Marktdurchdringung" (pdf, 2011)

Latest Publications
(available in German only):
acquisa 02/2011
Dr. Achim Burkhardt quoted in the cover story "Marke braucht Leidenschaft. Machen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter zu Botschaftern" (PDF, Haufe Gruppe, Freiburg, www.acquisa.de)