The TAIKN philosophy

Everything that makes the brand strong
We believe in strong brands
Our name stands for the fundamental principles of our consulting concept: we are not simply logo designers for our clients – we help them build brands with powerful symbolic force, excellent prospects for success, and the means of achieving genuine competitive edge.
Strong brands always have a long-term strategic focus
We attach immense importance to the brand concept we have developed being compatible with the strategic corporate goals of our clients. 
Strong brands are not a communicative end in themselves – they have to "pay for themselves"
TAIKN Strategische Markenberatung creates value added for clients. The tools which we develop for you and, on request, integrate into your enterprise help ensure more effective organizational and business management of the brand. 
Strong brands are created through trust
We regard professionalism, total dependability, and close collaboration with our partners as the basic prerequisites for long-term customer satisfaction. This is the only way to secure trust.